Latest update

The most recent version of Zafehouse: Diaries is:

v1.2.31 (released November 8, 2013)

If you bought Zafehouse: Diaries via Desura, GOG or Steam
Please use the updating facilities provided by these distributors to patch your copy of the game.

If you bought Zafehouse: Diaries directly from us or from GamersGate
To update any older version of the game, please download the patch using the link below:

Download latest patch

Before applying the patch, make sure Zafehouse: Diaries is not running.

Patch notes

v1.2.3 / v1.2.31, October 23, 2013 (latest)
v1.2.2 / v1.2.21, October 18, 2013
v1.2.1, September 26, 2013
v1.2.0 / v1.2.01 / v1.2.02, July 22, 2013
v1.1.9, May 17, 2013
v1.1.8 / v1.1.81 / v1.1.82, March 5, 2013
v1.1.7 / 1.1.71, January 11, 2013
v1.1.61, December 25, 2012
v1.1.6, December 10, 2012
v1.1.5 / 1.1.51, November 22, 2012
v1.1.4 / 1.1.41, October 25, 2012
v1.1.31, October 8, 2012
v1.1.3, October 2, 2012

Online manual

The full manual for the latest version of the game can always be found here:

View manual

Graphical issues

On some systems, Zafehouse: Diaries may display visual anomalies, such as corrupted graphics or invisible text. The game comes with a “Diagnostics Tool” that allows you to turn on certain compatibility fixes to address these issues.

The tool can be found in the “Zafehouse Diaries” program group, or in the game’s installation directory as a file called “ZafeDiag.exe”.

Technical support

Support during our testing phases will be handled entirely through the development area on the forums. If your question is not answered, start a new topic and ask away. Logan and David actively monitor the forums, so this is your best chance at getting help.

We cannot provide support unless you have the latest update and your PC conforms to following specifications.

OS: Windows 7, Vista or XP with SP3
Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2, DirectX 9.0c
Processor: Dual core 1.8GHz, Intel or AMD
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard disk space: 35MB
Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum
Video card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible with 512MB RAM, Intel, NVIDIA or AMD
Sound card: DirectX 9.0-compatible

Please note these are the minimum recommended system requirements; better hardware will provide an improved experience.