Good news -- we've just released a massive new patch, bringing Zafehouse: Diaries to v1.2.0. And when we say "massive", we mean it!

Along with the usual tweaks, balance changes and fixes, v1.2.0 introduces an entirely new game mode called "No Survivors", protection items to keep your survivors safe and sound, new items including the submachine gun and backpack and loads more.

First, let's tackle No Survivors. You've been asking for a truly endless game mode and here it is! The biggest change you'll notice in this new mode is that you start with just one survivor. Don't worry, by searching the town or using a flashlight or beacon, you can find / attract survivors to boost your odds. Each survivor brings with them prejudices, items and even injuries, so you'll need to carefully consider their inclusion. And, when the group reaches its capacity of five, it's not you who decides who should go -- your survivors will make that decision for you!

If you do reject a survivor, they'll retaliate by stealing equipment, sabotaging barricades and setting traps, so be careful!

You won't encounter the likes of the super zombie, lynch mob or the girl and her dangerous relatives either, but that's only because No Survivors presents its own set of tribulations. You'll have to track down resources, set up safehouses and try and keep zombie levels down by patrolling and sniping. If you don't, locations will slowly be overrun, after which you won't be able to access them.

We've also done some reshuffling of the game mode selection screen. Each mode now has its difficulty level clearly displayed and hovering over a mode will reveal additional information about it. The Classic mode has been renamed "Deadline" and represents the most challenging of the three. Road Kill is the default, normal mode while No Survivors is the easiest.

On the item front, protection gear makes its debut. This includes hockey masks, ballistics vests, motorcycle helmets, hard hats and many more. You don't have to worry about equipping your survivors individually, just have these items with you and they'll sort themselves out. Protection gear provides defence against melee and ranged attacks, but the more damage they take, the more they'll wear out and eventually fall apart.

A new weapon also makes an appearance -- the submachine gun. It uses 9mm ammo and is a nice weapon to take with you on assaults. It's not very efficient however and you'll find it goes through rounds very quickly. We've also added a backpack by popular demand, a rare item that will make hauling equipment around a little easier.

Overall, difficult has been reduced in all modes, so new players should find the game a little easier to get into. That said, Deadline (formerly Classic) remains a very challenging mode to win.

For a complete changelog and the download link, head over to our forums.

Zafehouse: Diaries has been updated to v1.1.9. For this patch, we've focused on user interface and performance enhancements that should make playing the game a much smoother experience.

The biggest change is the addition of map annotations. This means you can now mark and add notes to any location on the map, just by right-clicking on it. Can't remember which locations you left supply caches? Now you can leave yourself little reminders.

Tired of moving survivor tokens individually? We've added in a mass-selection feature, which you can use by holding down the left-mouse button over the map and dragging. Include the tokens you wish to select inside the rectangle, release the mouse button and then just left-click on the location you want to move those tokens to. It works pretty much like it would in a real-time strategy game.

For the diary, it's now possible to bookmark pages. Above the left-hand page of the diary you'll notice four small paper tabs. Hover near these and they'll drop down, after which you can click on one to bookmark the current open pages. By default, the bookmark name is the page numbers, but you can type in your own title if you want. To delete a bookmark, just right-click it.

The Movement screen has also seen several improvements. You can sort items based on type, and they'll be ranked from best to worst. Order selection has also been revamped with new graphics.

Finally, game performance and memory utilisation has been improved across the board. Saving and loading is now much faster, text rendering is incredibly quick and late-game turn resolution should be a lot snappier. Those are just the big-ticket tweaks; we've nipped and tucked a great many parts of the codebase.

Full patch notes and download instructions can be found on the Screwfly Studios forum.

Patch v1.1.8 for Zafehouse: Diaries is now available. This patch improves a number of areas of the game and adds a solid dose of content, including a new dilemma, Overwhelmed, and showering, an idle task.

The custom occupation editor has been expanded on, making it more flexible than ever and we've even implemented weather effects to keep things interesting.

The Overwhelmed dilemma has a chance to occur when your group faces staggering odds after breaching a location. You'll be able to retreat to, hopefully, a safe location or, if you're feeling lucky, try your hand at more heroic options.

Getting around during a zombie apocalypse is not the cleanest affair, so your survivors will accumulate grime and if left idle, will now occasionally wash themselves. Doing so will provide them with a small morale boost.

We felt the towns of Zafehouse: Diaries were drier than they should be, so now it'll occasionally rain and storm. As you'd expect, noise doesn't travel as far under these conditions, so be sure to take advantage of the weather when you can!

Several dilemmas, including the Lynch Mob, Moby Dick and the Girl Scout Family, now feature an assessment of your survivors' chances if you decide to fight. As a result, it should be easier to make more informed, strategic decisions regarding these encounters.

Finally, for users with high-resolution displays, a scaling option is now included so that game takes up most the screen. It is currently experimental, so if it doesn't work as expected, let us know so we can tweak it!

The update includes several other tweaks, fixes and improvements, all of which are mentioned in the patch notes on our forums.

Direct purchasers and GamersGate customers, the patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura and GOG users, please use the facilities provided by these services to update the game. Note that updates from these distributors may be delayed while the patch is approved.

Great news everyone! Zafehouse: Diaries is now available on GOG for just $US9.99. It's been hard keeping this news to ourselves, so we're glad we can finally share it with you!

Exclusive to GOG purchasers are two wallpapers and an extensive, graphical PDF manual containing hints and tips for the latest version of the game so if you've yet to pick-up the game, this is a great way to get it with a few special goodies.

Please note however that we can only provide keys for other services, such as Desura, if you buy directly from us.

We still have plans for Zafehouse: Diaries in the coming months, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

We're happy to announce the release of patch v1.1.7 for Zafehouse: Diaries. With this patch, we've taken the opportunity to update a number of images, including all of the in-built survivor portraits and several dilemmas, with high-quality replacements. We've also added 16 completely new images for in-game items, which will appear as photos in the diary when you discover them for the first time.

On the gameplay side, v1.1.7 features a new dilemma, called "The Believers", as well as the Priest occupation to accompany it. A new ranged weapon and ammunition type has been added -- the crossbow and quarrels respectively. While the crossbow has a slow rate of fire, it makes up for it by being extreme powerful and very quiet. There's also the possibility of retrieving fired quarrels when cleaning corpses after a fight, making it more economical than the bullet-based ranged weapons.

Barricading has been reworked significantly. Secured and fortified locations will now impart meaty bonuses to spotting and resilience; noise levels inside will be reduced and survivors will sometimes automatically attack zombies through barricades. Barricades now also last longer against zombie attacks.

We've also made a thrilling change to the Infection dilemma. Along with the usual "Let them live" and "Kill" options, there will sometimes be a third option with the potential to save the survivor and rid them of the infection. The price, however, may be too great...

These are the biggest changes in v1.1.7, but we've added a bunch of visual tweaks, balance changes and bug fixes we're sure you'll appreciate, so check out the full patch notes on the forums.

Direct purchasers and GamersGate customers, the patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura users, please use the Desura client to update the game.

Zafehouse: Diaries has been updated to v1.1.61. This is an interim patch that addresses a few balance issues and bugs with the current version.

Based on player feedback, we've done a lot of work on tweaking the difficulty of certain dilemmas involving survivors fighting NPCs. We've identified and fixed a couple of issues that could cause these fights to have unpredictable difficulty.

We've also made a few changes to the injury system, medicine consumption and resting so that they function as originally intended.

If you'd like to read the patch notes in full, just head over to the forums.

Direct purchasers and GamersGate customers, the patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura users, please use the Desura client to update the game.

It's patch time again folks, and v1.1.6 is a beauty!

The most exciting addition is an entirely new game mode, called "Road Kill". Search the town and scavenge for parts for a broken-down vehicle. Your survivors will then have to fix the vehicle before they can drive themselves to safety. To support this new mode, we've not only added new content, but modified existing dilemmas and events to reflect the altered objective.

The best thing about Road Kill is that rescue is now entirely in your hands -- the game won't end unless you drive out... or die. Even if you do make it out alive, relationships and the supplies you've gathered play an important role in just how well you do. How these affect the end result, well, you'll have to play and find out!

Road Kill represents the largest addition to the game since its release; it really changes the way you approach the game. You'll have to re-examine those rock-solid strategies that served you well in Classic mode and try different tactics if you want to succeed.

For players who like to share their games, you can now enable sharing functionality via the options menu. When active, hovering over diary entries will show a "copy to clipboard" button. This should make it easier to quickly paste text into forum posts or documents. We hope to expand this feature in the future to support popular social media sites.

As usual, a complete list of fixes, changes and improvements can be found on the forums.

Direct purchasers and GamersGate customers, the patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura users, please use the Desura client to update the game.

Zafehouse: Diaries is now at version 1.1.51. Along with fixes, tweaks and other small changes, the update boasts a new dilemma, location and occupation and several new items. We've also done a lot of work under the hood to open up the game to modders by granting access to previously hard-coded or hidden variables.

This patch also dramatically improves loading times when starting or restarting the game and players with graphics cards beyond the recommended requirements can enable the "Fast asset loading" option to reduce loading times even more.

Another addition is global equipment loadouts, which should streamline the process of re-equipping survivors between movement orders.

Finally, we've toned down the effects of hunger and starvation. Survivors can no longer die from a lack of food, however, hungry and starving survivors will suffer significant stat penalties and all activities will tire survivors out faster.

A full list of tweaks, fixes and changes for v1.1.51 can be found on the forums.

Direct purchasers and GamersGate customers, the patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura users, please use the Desura client to update the game.

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Zafehouse: Diaries recently received a meaty content patch, one of many lined up for the next few months, so make sure you pick it up now so you don't miss out!

Zafehouse: Diaries has just been updated to v1.1.4. The update is our first significant content patch, adding new dilemmas, items, locations, occupations as well as a number of player-requested features.

We also took the opportunity to perform a small upgrade of the game's rendering engine. This should make Zafehouse: Diaries run considerably better on lower-end systems and, hopefully, fix some graphical anomalies.

A full list of tweaks, fixes and changes for v1.1.4 can be found on the forums.

The patch can be downloaded from our support page. For Desura customers, please use the Desura client to update the game.

Update: A hotfix, v1.1.41, has been released.