Looking for the original Zafehouse?

At some stage we’ll get the original Zafehouse website back up and running again — a “Classic” version, if you will. Until then, you can download the game that started it all from our download site downloads.zafehouse.com.

Alternatively, you can grab it and the source code via the direct links below:

Zafehouse [Download]
Zafehouse source code [Download]

One thought on “Looking for the original Zafehouse?

  1. The old game is STILL awesome to this day, despite it’s limitations. It still does a few things better than Diaries, IMO, but Diaries is quite a different game. I’d hate to see the original Zafehouse disappear forever… it needs a more prominent link, IMO, and certainly won’t impact on sales for Diaries I’m sure… if anything, I think it would help it sell more; if people love Zafehouse, the promise of a “more in-depth, nicer graphics” version (not entirely accurate but close enough!) in Diaries would be a “must buy” (especially since Diaries is SO much more moddable than Zafehouse). Heck, Zafehouse (the original) is the sole reason I bought Diaries! 🙂

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