Not so fast

Just a quick update on our progress: we are at 1.0, which means the game is complete and ready to go. But wait! In Australia, we can’t sell the game without classification, so we’ve sent it to the Australian Classification Board for review.

We’re hoping the game will be classified very soon, meaning we can still release the game by the end of August. Depending on how fast the cogs turn at the ACB, the game could be pushed back a few weeks into September. It’s out of our hands, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know.

2 thoughts on “Not so fast

  1. hope this game will be really good

    and any demo version for testing the game? if the demo is good, more ppl will buy it.

    • We hope you’ll like it! We think Zafehouse: Diaries is a fairly unique game. It’s difficult to compare to anything else out there right now.

      We’re looking at the possibility of a demo that will let you play an entire day of in-game time, but at the moment we’re focused on using the time classification has given us to polish the game.

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