Just a quick word to say that Zafehouse Diaries is now available on Steam!

If you've bought the game already, you may be entitled to a Steam key. We're waiting on Valve to send us the keys, but watch that thread for more details.

Also important: buy this weekend and get 33% off!

Just hit that big red button over on the top right of this page and you'll have it in no time.

First time here? Find out what it's all about.

Played the beta? Here's what you'll get in the full version:

  • Up to five survivors in the game
  • Game lasts until the rescue chopper arrives
  • More sounds and visual effects
  • Add your own custom survivors, portraits and locations
  • Modify items, make traps, start more rumours and more
  • Rifles, power tools and other new items
  • Dozens of tweaks and community-suggested improvements
  • Access to new content, updates and patches
  • Self-satisfaction of supporting independent game development

And what about this Greenlight business? We still hope to get on Steam - and you can help us! If we make it onto Steam, then anyone who buys direct from us will get a Steam key too, so you've got nothing to lose.

We hope you enjoy the game. Don't forget to drop by the forums and share your stories.

EU customers: the price above does not include VAT.

Are you sitting down? You should be because this is some heavy news.

Our demo beta is finally out. Grab it here and get a taste of what the full version will deliver. We're calling it a demo beta because it's less than the full version and may still have some stability issues. Drop us a line on the forum if something's not quite right. If you get stuck, check out the manual - it's tailored for the full version, but it has everything you need to know.

The demo also includes a diary editor. Once you finish a game, export the diary, load it into the editor and turn it into something wonderful. To read it, you can import it into the game or upload it to our online viewer so anyone with a browser can read it. We're still polishing the interface, so bear with us.

We also have a teaser trailer, magically implanted below. Please send it to everyone you know.

Better still, head on over to our Greenlight page and jump on that big old thumbs up button.

And the full version? We're still on track for this month and we'll be making a lot noise shortly. Sign up to our newsletter or Twitter feed to hear the news.

Just a quick update on our progress: we are at 1.0, which means the game is complete and ready to go. But wait! In Australia, we can't sell the game without classification, so we've sent it to the Australian Classification Board for review.

We're hoping the game will be classified very soon, meaning we can still release the game by the end of August. Depending on how fast the cogs turn at the ACB, the game could be pushed back a few weeks into September. It's out of our hands, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know.